4 Reasons a Facebook page is not enough

Not everyone is on Facebook

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Although a recent study form the Pew Research Center indicates that Facebook remains one of the mostly widely used social media sites amount adults, still only 69% say they have used the platform. Additionally, simply having a Facebook page is not enough; Interaction is key to getting your page to appear in algorithms. A website is universal, reaching everyone that has access to the internet.

Your content is not visible by all

image of woman looking at phoneSpeaking of the Facebook algorithm: The posts on your Facebook news feed are controlled by various algorithms. Just having a Facebook page and updating it does not mean it is being viewed by potential leads, or even your dedicated followers. Facebook prioritizes meaningful content, meaning they look for content that creates interactions between family and friends, such as a person commenting on a post or liking a photo, or multiple people replying to each other’s comments. I will write more about the Facebook algorithm in a future post.

Limited search engine visibility

If someone is looking for your business by name, they will easily find your Facebook page. These customers already know who you are. Potential customers who do not know you exist and search for “Greenhouses near me” may not find your Facebook page.

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Your Facebook page may appear in the results; however, it is still a small percent of the number of results. A website gives you multiple opportunities to rank (appear in the search results) for that given term. Your home page is your landing page (where most visitors first enter your website) You have opportunities to write content about your business and include keywords that visitors search to find your business. Then you have the opportunity to have multiple other pages, “services” “about” and even a blog allows opportunities to tell search engines what your website (business) is about and can help you rank higher for the services you offer.

You May be Perceived Not Professional

Let’s be honest, a business lacking a company website is perceived as unprofessional. How many times have you searched for a product or service and went with a company that had a professional website over one that just had a Facebook page? Do you wonder why they do not have a website?

With Facebook, unless you updated it very often it looks abandoned and people may wonder if your business is still running. We’ve all had the experience of looking up a business find finding their Facebook page, only to discover the last post was a year ago.

Having a website is the best online advertisement out there. It lets you define who you are as a business, your brand. Sure, you can put your logo and picture on your Facebook page but really, when visitors are at your site, that is you, your business, not just a template that you are limited to with Facebook, a website provides endless opportunities. Again, I will say it, you need a website and I would suggest you not use the template website builders such as Wix, those also do not look professional.

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Wrapping It Up

The internet isn’t going anywhere, and some may say Facebook isn’t either, but trends change. Anyone remember MySpace? Many younger audiences are favoring SnapChat and Instagram, my daughter tells me Facebook is for old people (eek I didn’t say it) even though I am going to share this post on Facebook, it’s not the be all and end all. The bottom line, Facebook is a good additional channel your business should be listed on, but not the only.

You need a website, Let’s Chat.


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