Six Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog

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Reasons to blog

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word blog? Maybe you think it is for personal use and you are a business, so what are the reasons to blog? Read on and I’ll tell you how it will help your business.

It keeps your website updated

Writing a high-quality informative blog post about your business or about the industry you are in, keeps your website up to date. Search engines are always checking the time stamps on when websites are updated, each new blog posts sends a signal to search engines that your website is current and up-to-date and worthy of being in their search results. Search engines do not want to give their users outdated information; however, you are probably not going to be updating your home page on a frequent basis, a high quality blog post can will increase your credibility.

It attracts an audience

A well-written blog using long-tail keywords will bring people (traffic) to your website. Long-tail keywords are phrases that contain at least three words. These phrases target specific demographics (your target audience). For example, a recent blog post for a client, I used the keyword “when to prune shrubs in Maine”. Using these types of keywords in your post will rank in the search engine, when someone living in Maine is wondering when they should prune their shrubs.

It keeps visitors on your site longer

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Have you heard the term bounce rate? Simply put it is when a person clicks on your website from a search engine and leaves the landing page quickly without browsing any further. So this bullet has two benefits, a blog adds more pages to your website and it keeps people on your site longer. If a search engine sees that people are bouncing off of your site, it will assume your page is not relevant to that search keyword or phrase and will lower it in the ranking.

It increases the number of pages on your website

You need more pages on your site. There are only so many times that you can incorporate your keywords into your landing page before you end up keyword stuffing (do not do that!). Keyword stuffing means that you are attempting to load your webpage with your keywords in order to rank higher in the search results, these keywords, such as putting them in a list or out of context, is considered webspam to search engines and your page will decrease in ranking.

It Provides opportunities for linking, increasing credibility

A blog gives you the opportunity to internally link to other pages on your website and gives other sites reasons to back link to your site. Why are these important? Internal links to your content tells the search engines that your content is relevant. Internal linking will help keep people on your website for longer and improves the relevancy of your other pages to search engines. Back links are probably one of the hardest SEO strategies. Back links are when someone else (maybe another blog, professional colleague, chamber of commerce) have your website link on their blog post on their page. (Notice I have back links in this post) Again, this tells the search engines that your site is relevant and worth being displayed in its results.

Social Media Sharing

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Finally, social media. You have probably done it, you read a really interesting blog post, news article, meme, GIF, video, whatever, you’ve shared someone else’s content on social media platforms. This increases awareness of your business/website and promotes more traffic (people) visiting your website, which hopefully in turn will give you more potential customers.

Are you convinced that reasons to blog will help group your business? Blogging is time consuming, right? See how I am adding my internal link…

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  1. OOof so many good points! I used to blog but it DOES take up so much time. On the other hand – what an easy way to keep the SEO spinning.
    Yep, I’mma goin’ to have to start writing again. … maybe…

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